Family Video Cards

This holiday season, why not send cards that reflect your family’s holiday spirit. Family QRistmas Cards are special smartphone Christmas/holiday cards that are capable of playing a video when the card’s cover is scanned. No programming is required — just shoot your video with your smartphone and click “attach”… and, instantly, that video is attached to all of your QRistmas Cards.

Just Scan & Your Video Appears

Just imagine the thrill when your family and friends receive your Christmas/holiday card — point their smartphone at your card and instantly your video appears.

How does this work? The cover of your card contains a unique private QR code that links to your video from our QRistmas Card video cloud.

The Video - Yours, YouTube or Ours!

There are three different ways to get video to your card

You can attach a video you created using the video camera of your iPhone, Android or other device that can read QR codes.

You can assign a favorite YouTube video, or

You can select from one of our Christmas Song selections performed by several world-class keyboard players. Plus, because your card is dynamic, you can swap out the current video with a new video whenever you wish.  Our songs include: “Greensleeves,” “Oh, Holy Night,” “We Three Kings”, “Silent Night” and other favorites

Card Building
Made Easy

Creating a custom Christmas/holiday card is a breeze; simply follow these QRistmas Card builder steps …

Select a card (from one of 10 exciting designs)

Select a greeting or create your own

Add a closing salutation (optional)

Choose the quantity … You’re done!

Video posting
made easy

Thanks to our amazing “shoot & link” web-ware, it takes just minutes to assign a video to all of your cards. There is no app to download, just log onto your private “Video QR — VQR” account and all the tools are there. Plus, it’s so easy — only 3 simple steps.

The Magic of
QRistmas Cards:
Dynamic VQR Codes!

Each box of QRistmas Cards features a special type of Dynamic QR Code — a QR code that is unique to only those cards. You, the author, will have a proprietary account within our web-app cloud — a place that makes creating your video cards easy for you, and easy viewing for your friends and family.

Not all QR codes are created equal: Here are two reasons why our QR codes offer more than standard, static QR codes…

We use VQR Codes (“Video QR Codes”). Simply stated — VQR codesare assigned to a video source, which could be your video, a YouTube video or a preset video that we have created for you — in this case, a collection of favorite Christmas songs beautifully arranged for piano.

The code is dynamic. Dynamic VQR Codes are the most powerful QR codes, because they let you change the video experience over and over. Working from the same code, you simply creating a new video, and then overriding the current one.

What are they & how do they work?

To make everything easy, our connection process uses QR Code technology with a unique twist. If you are new to QR codes, then here’s some quick insight..

QR codes are used as the #1 tool for scanning and receiving digital content through screen of a SmartPhone camera. It's for this reason you see them all around us on print ads, product boxes, store displays and even billboards.

The term QR Code - stand for “Quick Response ”, which makes sense because when you scan the code, instantly you are transported to a URL- and that’s pretty much how it works.

The link can be a website address, a mobile site or as in our unique QRistmas Cards, the link can be attached to private web-app account, a special place that makes it all happen.

How to read a QR code

Today, almost all Smartphones and camera ready mobile devices (iPad, Kindle) can read QR codes. The requirements are simple, you just need a QR Reader App which almost all of them are free. If you don’t have one – you can download a QR Reader app from the app store that is associated with your device. Download the app, open the app, then position the QR in the brackets on the screen. Your screen will recognize the code, and instantly transport you to that destination.