We offer two types of QRistmas Card Experiences — Family “Video” Cards and Company “Concert” Cards. To learn about each, please select an option below.

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What are Video Access Codes?

Video Access Codes are printed on the inside of the greeting Cards. Look for them here:


Bring your holiday cards to life with the power of QRistmas Cards. Create an entertaining [or enjoyable] holiday greeting video, attach a favorite YouTube video, or even assign a video from a collection of Christmas song videos that come with the cards.


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Designed Exclusively For Yamaha Piano [Keyboard] Dealers

Designed as a dynamic concert experience, this card is the Christmas card that keeps on giving. Starting on December 14, our “Twelve Days of Christmas” card sends a new Christmas song video each day, performed by a team talented artists. Designed for Yamaha piano dealers, it features performances by world-class Yamaha artists on Yamaha’s new CVP600 Series Clavinova, AvantGrand Hybrid Piano and Disklavier E3 Acoustic Piano.

If you're a Yamaha dealer, this is the most personal and exciting way to bring the gift of music to your prospects and customers.


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Choose from 10 custom designs

Each card design contains a unique smartphone QR code on the cover for quick scanning — plus, our online QRistmas Card Builder makes creating your custom card easy. 

So easy, you’ll float on a cloud… literally

No app to download, everything is on the cloud. Plus, assigning your video to your cards just takes a few quick steps. For Family Video Cards:

No Smartphone?
No problem!

For Family Cards Only

Family and friends that don’t have a smartphone will also be able to experience the excitement of your video card. We have printed a special private web address with a password code that is unique to your card. Family and friends can simply visit that address and your video will appear.

What Are They and How Do They Work?

To make everything easy, our connection process uses QR code technology with a unique twist. If you are new to QR codes, here’s some quick insight…

QR codes are used as the Number 1 tool for scanning and receiving digital content via the screen of a smartphone camera. It's for this reason you see them all around on print ads, product boxes, store displays and even billboards.

The term “QR Code” stands for “Quick Response,” which makes sense because when you scan the code, you are transported instantly to a URL.

The link can be a website address, a mobile site, or as in our unique QRistmas Cards, the link can be attached to a private web-app account, a special place that makes it all happen.

How to read a QR code

Today, almost all smartphones and camera-ready mobile devices (iPad, Kindle) can read QR codes. The requirements are simple: you just need a QR Reader app (most of them are free). If you don’t have one, you can download a QR Reader app from the app store that is associated with your device. Download the app, open the app, and then position the QR in the brackets on the screen. Your screen will recognize the code, and instantly transport you to that destination.