Our Christmas Story



The Company

Hello everyone, I’m Tom Folenta, the president of Webgines Communication and I welcome you to our website and our digital family. Like almost everyone, Christmas is my favorite holiday, because it’s filled with great family memories and the magic of creating new ones. When we started this project, we all thought…everyone loves Christmas and their family, and today it appears that everyone loves their smartphone as well. Therefore, it truly was a logical step for us to experiment with a hybrid project that combines the traditional Christmas spirit with today’s amazing technology. So, we created a technology-spin on traditional Christmas/Holiday cards — Dynamic Smartphone QRistmas Cards. We hope you enjoy our QRistmas video cards as much as we enjoyed the experience of creating them for you. We are so excited that you discovered us and we wish you and your family a bountiful and wondrous holiday season.

- Elf Tommy

QRistmasCards.com is a product of Webgines Communication — a creative multi-media publishing company that specializes in many of the latest forms of digital communication. For over 15 years, the talent team behind Webgines has created a collection of web and mobile tools that center around helping people use technology without any knowledge of digital scripting and programming. Webgines is “digital empowerment” made easy. 


TOM FOLENTA - President / Producer
JASON HUMMEL - Senior Programmer
MICHAEL WOLLNER - Creative Director
ERIC FOLENTA - Mobile and Database Programming
ALVIN LEE - Assistant Art Director